8637 Lower River Road
Burlington, KY 41005
Phone: (859) 586-7282

BASE RATES (See Rate Sheet)

The base charges includes your site, sewer, water and picnic table. Reasonable surveillance during off season will be provided. Winterizing is not included in services rendered. In no event does the management assume risk or responsibility of injury or damage to person or property of lessee or of their guests.

The lessee shall indemnify the lessor against any claims having there origin in lessees occupancy of the campsite during the term of the lease. Irrespective of when such claims are asserted, provided notice of any such claim is sent forthwith by the lessor to the occupant.


  1. Each site is restricted to one camping unit. Only one family to a site. Camper locations and improvements/additions including fire rings to site must be approved by the management and the board. Site is to be kept clean.
  2. Traffic Regulations: Speed limit is 5 miles per hour in the park. All signs are to be obeyed. No motor bikes or motorcycles allowed in the park. They are allowed to be ridden only to enter or leave the park. All vehicles must have illumination if operated after dark.
  3. Campsite occupancy: The rentals are for immediate family only. Married children are not considered immediate family. Occupancy by a person under the age of 21 without adult supervision is prohibited. No subletting allowed. Each renter is responsible for his/her family or guests. Immediate children and spouses are permitted to use an approved camper, but must still pay the primitive camping rates for their stay. It must be approved by the lessee and park manager.
  4. All garbage is to be placed in the dumpster across the street from the office.
  5. Visitors: Renters must tell their visitors of the rules of the park.
  6. Quiet hours are in force from 12 am to 8 am. No loud noise, singing, laughter, outside TV or radio during quiet hours.
  7. Boats must be stored in boat storage only (never on site). No repair work is to be done on a site. Also no major auto repair on premises.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are permitted, but not to excess. All local and state regulations to be observed.
  9. Pets must be kept on a leash and under no circumstances may a pet be allowed to run loose. Noisy dogs are not allowed. No pets are to be left unattended overnight.
  10. B.B. guns, pellet guns or firearms are prohibited in the park.
  11. Only dead trees and limbs on the ground are to be disturbed or destroyed.
  12. Profane or obscene language will not be allowed and may terminate your lease.
  13. Permanent campers are responsible for trimming around his or her own campsite. If host has to clean up a site there will be a notice sent out. If it is not then cleaned up, a $25.00 fee will be charged to the renter.
  14. If a site is vacated by a permanent camper it is mandatory that the area be left clean and well maintained. There is no refund of camping fees.
  15. Small campfires are permitted in area previously used. Must keep a safe distance from buildings or trees.
  16. Each renter is required to put down $50.00 deposit (refundable). They are responsible for all charges on their meter and will receive a reading along with the bill each month. There is no refund on camping fees, lease fees, storage fees, or rental fees.
  17. Vandalism: An act is to be reported to the manager immediately. Children will not be allowed to play in the restrooms, the store area, or the laundry room.
  18. Use of the barn: The manager may restrict the use of the barn to reasonable hours and set the rules for the use of the barn. Posting of all rules at the barn or store will be considered notice to the campers and guests.
  19. As there is no lifeguard on duty at the pool anytime, renters will have to take responsibility for the safety of their family and their guests.
  20. Small tents are permitted on permanent campsites for children. Not to exceed 3 days.
  21. In the event seasonal campers vacate campsite (which means camper is removed from site without prior notification) campsite will be presume vacated and no refund will be given and campsite reverts back to manager to be re-rented.
  22. Waste water (gray or black) is to be disposed of in the dump station at the end of the road.
  23. Camping season is from April 1 to November 1.
  24. If an R.V. changes ownership it can be left on the site it is on. If a site is vacated it will be filled from the list in the store. The list will be made up of seasonal campers in the park in good standing (bills paid, trouble free). After that the site can be rented to the public.